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Conference & Journal Publications

No Complete Problem for Constant-Cost Communication
Yuting Fang, Lianna Hambardzumyan, Nathan Harms, Pooya Hatami
STOC 2024
Distribution Testing with a Confused Collector
Renato Ferreira Pinto Jr., Nathan Harms
ITCS 2024
Testing and Learning Convex Sets in the Ternary Hypercube
Hadley Black, Eric Blais, Nathan Harms
ITCS 2024
Randomized Communication and Implicit Representations for Matrices and Graphs of Small Sign-Rank
Nathan Harms, Viktor Zamaraev
SODA 2024
Optimal Adjacency Labels for Subgraphs of Cartesian Products
Louis Esperet, Nathan Harms, Viktor Zamaraev
ICALP 2023
Distribution Testing Under the Parity Trace
Renato Ferreira Pinto Jr., Nathan Harms
Manuscript 2023
Graphs with Minimum Fractional Domatic Number
Maximilian Gadouleau, Nathan Harms, George Mertzios, Viktor Zamaraev
Discrete Applied Mathematics 2023
Sketching Distances in Monotone Graph Classes
Louis Esperet, Nathan Harms, Andrey Kupavskii
Downsampling for Testing and Learning in Product Distributions
Nathan Harms, Yuichi Yoshida
ICALP 2022
Randomized Communication and Implicit Graph Representations
Nathan Harms, Sebastian Wild, Viktor Zamaraev
STOC 2022
VC Dimension and Distribution-Free Sample-Based Testing
Eric Blais, Renato Ferreira Pinto Jr., Nathan Harms
STOC 2021
Universal Communication, Universal Graphs, and Graph Labeling
Nathan Harms
ITCS 2020
Testing Halfspaces Under Rotation-Invariant Distributions
Nathan Harms
SODA 2019
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